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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kat's Fabulista Blog RETURNS!

Greetings, readers, old and new!

It still seems amazing to me but we did it. We sorted, packed, stored, gave away, sold or tossed most of our household goods, sold our home of twenty years, bought a truck and headed for Baja. And here we are!

We’re starting our Mexican trek in La Misión, a small community a few kilometers south of Rosarito, near the U.S. – Mexican border at San Ysidro. On our exploratory trip down in February with our good friend Patricia, we looked at a couple of houses here and rather liked the area. It features a protected estuary that gathers its waters from nearby mountains and disgorges them into the ocean at Playa La Misión, a splendid flat beach a mile or so in length. The estuary offers a green area of trees and low foliage, intersected by hiking and riding trails, which we are yet to explore.

You may recall that when we left Costa Rica in 2014, it was to move in with my 94-year-old mom in West Texas to help her with daily chores. She was still quite active so we fully expected to live there a few years. Sadly, she became ill in June and passed away in October of that year. After handling her estate and selling her house, we decided to return to our home in California in early 2015. Our plan was to live there for the two years needed to avoid capital gains taxes when we sold.

Earlier this year as I was giving away some things on Craigslist, a man came by and as we chatted about our plans, he said, “You know, I’m a broker and I think I have a buyer for you.” Indeed, he did! Within a few weeks, a lovely young couple had signed a contract and we shifted into high gear to get out by the end of April. Whew!

Winston relaxes in the Studio
After such a hectic few months, we decided to interrupt the long drive from Northern California to our ultimate destination at the southern end of the Baja Peninsula by stopping here in La Misión for a few weeks. We thought there was even a chance we would want to settle here. But alas, this doesn’t feel like our “place in the sun.” Our Airbnb large studio apartment is nice enough and delightfully close to the beach, but this community is much too segregated for our taste.
Kat at her station

Layne does Kitchen Duty
Old readers will recall how our lives in Costa Rica were totally integrated, with good friends from both the Tico and Gringo communities. Here, in contrast, not only are the Gringos rather separated geographically as well as socially from the Mexicans, but even the “beach people,” where we are, are hostile to the “hill people” just on the other side of the freeways. It seems the ongoing feud relates to payment of HOA fees set 30 years ago when North Americans first settled here. It seems the hill people think the beach people don’t pay their fair share and vice versa.

The heavy truck and auto traffic on those highways, by the way – the old road and the faster new toll road – produce a lot of road noise in this beach neighborhood. No way would I want to live here for the long term. But for now it meets our needs for a relatively warm climate, a beautiful beach to walk along and a period of rest and recuperation after our frenzied spring.

Pickup trucks don't float!
This place has already provided some excitement, however. Yesterday when we went out for our customary morning walk on the beach, down the way we noticed a police car and several people all looking at a pickup truck that was obviously stuck in the sand at the edge of the surf, with the incoming tide gradually moving up the sides of the vehicle. Nearby sat a jet ski on the beach. We watched as they deliberated on a possible rescue.

Soon another vehicle, a 4-wheel drive SUV, arrived on the scene. It backed up near the pickup, hooked on with a tow chain and tried to yank the vehicle out of its predicament. No go. 
What to do??

In fact, the SUV almost got stuck as well and the police truck had to tow it back up onto solid sand. And still, the tide continued its inexorable reach up the shoreline. As we returned to our apartment, we wondered how things would turn out so later in the day I checked and the pickup was gone. Apparently someone with a winch and a long chain must have arrived in time to save the day. 

Unfortunately, the lens on my camera was dirty so the photos are marred but as you can see, Winston clearly loves the freedom he enjoys on the playa!

Copyright 2017 P.K. Sunlove


  1. Blessings to you guys. The stuck truck would have put me over the edge. Here's hoping you find your "place in the sun" Love you!

  2. So happy for you - I'm sure you'll find your perfect spot . For now congratulations on getting it all done. Is that white truck yours? Looks nice. Maybe in about a year when you are settled I'll be able to come visit. Love you and Layne and Winston too.