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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things -- in English!

When will I learn? Always, always carry the camera! Yesterday when Layne and I headed out for our walk, I realized I had forgotten to bring my Panasonic but it was a little too far to go back and since we’d walked that way several times before, I figured that it was unlikely we would see any new sights. And for most of the walk, that was true. But we needed eggs so we continued on a block beyond our street to the little neighborhood pulperia (small grocery store). As we were paying for our items, a group of school children queued up behind us, giggling as kids will do. When I smiled and greeted them with “Hola,” the five girls of eight or nine years old and one younger boy responded with shy “Hello’s” in English. They exited the store while we were rearranging our bags but when the Tica store clerk called out something to them in Spanish, apparently reminding them of their manners, they all turned back to say a polite “Goodbye” to us. Then as we followed them out, they struck up a conversation with us, obviously proud of their language skills and anxious to impress us Gringos.

“What is your name,” the friendliest and most confident little girl asked. We all shared names. Then it was, “What is your favorite color?” “What is your favorite subject?” “Your favorite animal?” They were quite exuberant in their questioning, the girls laughing, poking each other and answering all the questions in English, pushing the small boy to join in. They told us they were learning English in school, which they pointed out as the Catholic School across from the pulperia, and claimed to really like their teachers. When I said, “Vivimos en Calle Capre Verde,” explaining that we live on Capre Verde Street, the apparent leader of the group looked surprised and merrily said they did too. So we all strolled down our dirt road, continuing to converse in our two diverse languages. I think we have some new friends! If only I had had my camera, you could have seen what a charming and attractive group they were. Perhapsnext time.

But I have had my camera on duty recently learning to use the video function. We have a large resident lizard that comes to sun on our front steps occasionally, eyeing me suspiciously when I step too close. Here’s a short video clip of his antics on the rock wall along our parking space.

OK, it didn't work. I'll keep working on it. Bummer!

On yesterday’s walk, I spied a rather sizable cactus frond growing in the mossy ditch beside the road. It was just one of those determined plants that had sprouted from a fallen chunk shed from a larger cactus, possibly even pushed down the ditch by the recent hard rains from somewhere up the road. As Layne shook his head at my resolve, I managed to extract it from the muck and carry it home with nary a sticker prick. Now it’s happily planted alongside my robust vegetable collection, which is soon to be transplanted into our “community garden” up the hill behind our landlord’s house.

I also captured some images of a recent double rainbow, which stretched all across our eastern sky late in the afternoon following a heavy rain and during a still light misting of precipitation. It was amazing! These shots don’t really do it justice but at least you can get some idea just how grand it was.

And finally, here is a collection of butterflies and flowers - just a small sampling of the incredible array of flora and fauna in this beautiful country. Pura Vida!

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  1. It is snowing right now where I live. Your post made me feel warm! Thanks for sharing. Ron