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Monday, April 29, 2013

Water and Weddings in Atenas

AyA workers in our roadway

The last week or so has been challenging here in Santa Eulalia and in other parts of Atenas as well. AyA, as the water company is known, is replacing pipe all along the main road from Atenas to Grecia and as a result, we are often without water for much of the day. Usually, it comes back on at night so things could be worse, but it has been quite inconvenient now and then. Last Friday night, for instance, when Marcial and Seidy were to join us as usual for dinner and conversation (in English and Spanish), the water was still off at 6:00 p.m. and I was in a tizzy trying to figure out how to cook our favorite fish dish, lightly browned Corvina (Sea Bass) in a Ginger-Green Onion sauce. In addition, I was suffering more than usual from a return of the eczema that plagues me now and then so finally, with apologies, I called Marcial and cancelled dinner. Predictably, the water came back on within the hour and Layne and I enjoyed the fish, albeit later than planned.

On Saturday, as we were heading out to a friend's wedding we found the AyA workers practically at our doorstep, with a trench several feet deep cut across the asphalt drive leading down to our house. 
Right across our driveway
Does this signify "good watermelon"? 
As we awaited the arrival of the bus, made late by the construction, our landlord Isaac brought out big slices of watermelon as a refreshing treat for the workers. One fellow in particular was more than happy to have his photo taken enjoying the fruit. Now that the work has passed our block on its way to Grecia, we are hopeful that the worst is over.

The wedding was a joyful celebration of love between two of our friends: our hairdresser Mariana and her Gringo beau Calvin. As expected many of our Atenas pals were there. This is because one of the first places most Gringos land when they arrive in Atenas is Kay's Gringo Postre, the meeting place/restaurant/lending library hosted by Kay and Tom Costello, expats from South Dakota who have been community leaders here for ten years or more. At Kay's you can get reliable advice on everything from the best residency attorney, to a good dentist to... yes, the best place for a haircut. That would be Mariana's. So the happy couple took their vows at her home in front of many of her clients who, like us, have come to adore this charming, vivacious Columbian woman.

The minister was obviously a good friend as well because in his homily to the couple on their matrimonial duties, he took certain liberties. Standing beneath the purple and white decorated porch, he began by saying to Calvin: "I don't know how you managed to get her, Calvin. You're a lucky man." Calvin turned to the crowd with a devilish smile and gave a thumbs-up sign, eliciting a laugh from the audience. Turning to Mariana, the minister sighed, "You could have done better, Mariana," whereupon Calvin again turned to us, this time with a shocked frown causing still more laughter. 
Calvin clowning for the crowd
Kay Costello toasts the happy couple

Mariana and Calvin cut their cake
Then there was champagne with gracious toasts, food, music and dancing and eventually they cut the beautiful cake. All in all, it was a lovely wedding and we wish them every happiness.

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